Reflexion Testimonials

Reflexion is making spam relief painless for businesses everywhere.

There are many other significant benefits, such as recovering time that the network administrator can devote to other priorities, enhancing client relationships, enabling the tracking of marketing campaigns and providing an added layer of protection against mass mailers, worms and viruses.

Here are just a few reactions to our groundbreaking technology…


“As a 10-year veteran in the managed services space, our company has learned a couple valuable lessons. First, it’s all about recurring revenues. Second, the PEOPLE we choose to do business with are just as important as the products and services they provide. Those lessons have helped us appreciate the people at Reflexion and services they provide. Reflexion has become one of the true partners in our business, providing sales support, technical support and solid customer service — while seamlessly providing a world-class email management solution that generates measurable recurring revenue. Stated simply, I wish all of our partners were more like Reflexion!”

Rich Anderson

cid_image001_jpg01CC631D“As a Reflexion partner handling more than 6,500 email addresses over 67 domains, we have been able to expand spam awareness and proper mail management with the help of Reflexion and the various services they provide. As a host to multiple industries such as small and medium businesses, medical communities and even to city and county governments that are hosted, everyone has the same problem when it comes to mail security — and we address them each with RTC.

The inbound/outbound mail scanning and logging has helped our admins track down client communication issues in record times which not only benefits us but helps other company domains not hosted identify issues within their service structure. The control panel and Quarantine Daily Report have indeed empowered the users to easily manage their mail, providing a point and click to either block or allow.

Simplicity at its finest. How is that topped? Well, RADAR has been the end all/be all compliance solution for e-discovery and Freedom of Information Act for our hosted government clients. Its intuitive interface has given administrators the ability to cross-reference groups and restore with simple key word searches and filters so that dissemination of information occurs without great delays. We proudly stand with Reflexion as a partner to provide not only email protection and archiving for our users but to also provide a strong social responsibility to the internet community as a whole. ”

John Willison

Karl_Palachuk“We tried several spam filtering solutions (both hardware- and service-based) before settling on Reflexion. Their solutions and service are absolutely top notch. We are so pleased with the service that we require it for all of our clients – and we’ve included it in our platinum-level managed service. After all, the security and fault tolerance alone saves us huge amounts of labor every month, and we save money every month by not having to configure, reconfigure and troubleshoot email problems. There simply are no problems!”

Karl Palachuk, CEO, KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc.

Bob_Nitrio“Reflexion has been a great partner to work with.  In addition to their stellar email security and archiving services, they have provided first-rate technical support on those rare occasions when we have required their assistance.  Best of all, they are true channel partners who provide generous margins to their partners and excellent value to our clients.  You will have a hard time finding a better company to work with in the field of email services.”

Bob Nitrio, CEO, Ranvest Associates

Jeff_Connally“Reflexion is responsive in their support, obsessed with quality, and our customers are gaining productivity and saving big bucks as a result of our terrific partnership with Reflexion!”


Jeffrey Connally, President and CEO, CMIT Solutions


“You can’t get much more in-tune with the direction and the pulse of the SMB IT channel than the team at Reflexion. Not only are their services rock-solid and built well for the channel, but I have also been impressed over and over again with how responsive and thorough their customer service and tech support have been. I wish all my vendors and vendor partners were like Reflexion.”

Ben Ahlquist, CEO, ByteSmart Services

NCG-Box_198x88“We have been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness and deployment simplicity of Reflexion’s web security service.  The reporting and notification alerts are very helpful and make the service an invaluable security tool.  There are many customers who desperately need this kind of security but have been unable to justify the cost of other more expensive solutions.  Reflexion’s web security is the answer to this need.”

Dan Heather, President, Network Control Group

Tim_Beard“We began bundling Reflexion Total Control and RADAR into our platinum managed service offerings several months ago. The results have been tremendous! The end users like it, management likes it, and we love it because it actually decreases our help desk phone calls relating to spam and viruses!  During Hurricane Ike in 2008, we were so busy protecting our clients’ systems that we didn’t make arrangements to move our servers. We soon found ourselves without power and bandwidth for several weeks. With one phone call, Reflexion quickly had us setup with IMAP accounts so we could get our internal communications flowing. Without Reflexion, our job of maintaining our clients’ systems after a catastrophic storm would have been much more difficult.”

Tim Beard, CEO, Networthy Systems