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By now, most solution providers have come to the conclusion that email is both a blessing and a curse for their customers; a blessing for communications and responsiveness, and a curse for security and spam. Partner-friendly Reflexion Networks aims to dispel the curse and restore the blessings with a unique hosted email security service that provides a thorough email threat defense with numerous partner advantages.

While there are many email security solutions on the market today, Reflexion brings a multitude of features to the inbox that make it a worthwhile consideration for enterprises of any size. What's more, the company provides the tools and branding that solution providers – which are its exclusive sales channel — need to manage their customers efficiently and grow their recurring revenue stream.

Reflexion provides plenty of technical ammunition to help its channel partners address customer needs, deliver the right economic model, and achieve an attractive margin. The analysis for customers comes down to the feature set – what advantages will they gain by switching to Reflexion Total Control (RTC), and for partners, to the management capabilities, quality support and business practices that they need to run their business efficiently, make money and grow.

RTC offers:

  • Inbox / email security: RTC combines anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing technologies into a layered security package that cleans inbound and outbound email to protect users from email related threats.
  • Infrastructure protection: Blocking harmful SMTP connections and other exploits in-the-cloud prevents malware from reaching the local area network, also saving bandwidth and storage.
  • Business continuity: If the power goes out, or the on-site email server goes down, RTC will queue or spool incoming email automatically for three days, avoiding a flood of undeliverable failure notices from being sent back to the original sender.
  • Inbox control: Innovative features such as "Address on the Fly" and language and country filters give users exceptional control over access to their inbox. A unique email control panel provides a simple way to alter security policies and even tells the recipient when his or her address has been shared.
  • Outbound Filtering: RTC filters outbound email to detect open relays and potential zombie spammer nodes, alerting the solution provider for remediation.
  • Reduced Management Costs: RTC is easy to manage and control, eliminates the need for onsite support for email, reduces integration challenges and gives inbox control to users, reducing administrative costs.

While the service proves to be rich in features for the end user, the needs of channel partners are given equal priority. Solution providers will find a rich web-based admin console that allows rebranding of the service, as well as granular control of each customer's deployment. Solution providers can access the console from anywhere, and are able to provision customers on-demand, control access to email features, define policies and manage accounts. These features also make RTC suitable for use by Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

Solution providers will find that building revenue from the service proves to be straightforward. Authorized partners frequently embed Reflexion Total Control into the cost of the Managed Services Agreement. The solution provider's prices decreases for all of their users as the cumulative user counts increases, hence rewarding the solution provider for success. Further enhancing profitability is the ease of product setup. Solution providers need only perform a few simple steps to bring customers on board, the most complex of which is changing SMTP settings, which is actually quite easy. User accounts can be synchronized via LDAP and solution providers can setup access to leading service automation control panels for enhanced efficiency.

Some of RTC's features are unique and could prove to be powerful differentiators and sales tools. The best example is the Addresses-on-the–Fly™ (AOTF) feature which makes it easy for users to spontaneously create an alias to their primary email address, with incoming mail on that new address delivered to their existing inbox. Why would a user want that? The answer is simple; users can protect their primary address by disclosing an alternative when registering on-line or posting in a forum. If that alias address starts to receive spam or is shared with undesirable senders, the user can simply disable it, or lock it down solely for the party to which it was disclosed. That can all be done "on-the-fly" and proves to simplify control of inbox access.

Many users will also find the "permitted languages" and "permitted countries" features to be powerful tools. Here, users can flag or block email based upon the primary language used and/or the country from which the email arrived, putting a stop to Nigerian get rich quick scams or Chinese spam floods.

Users also have comprehensive control over how spam is handled, from quarantine, with or without a daily quarantine summary, to flag-and-deliver to vaporize, with a range of other options in between. With RTC, it's this breadth of capability and how well all of its features are cross-integrated that's impressive, how well its features work in concert to eliminate a variety of email security threats. While a number of its features are in common use by other products and services, the combination of features is surely unique and not found in other hosted email security services.

While a reliable defense for end-users is imperative, the solution providers who serve their customers also have important requirements that must addressed. RTC has been designed with these requirements in mind, and provides a wealth of features that have been driven by solution provider feedback. Examples include full branding of the service, including such things as the admin console, email control panels and daily quarantine summary, unified diagnostic logs to simplify email troubleshooting, the removal of limits on features such as whitelist entries, and integration with leading service automation platforms such as ConnectWise.

Reflexion combines these features with partner-friendly business practices and strong technical support. While there aren't any set-up charges or minimum purchase requirements, perhaps most important is that Reflexion only sells through the channel. Upside revenue potential is also attractive, as Reflexion offers a portfolio of related hosted services, including archiving, discovery and recovery, as well as web security, to provide its partners with up-sell revenue opportunities.

The combination of end-user effectiveness and solution provider attentiveness make Reflexion Total Control a solution well worth consideration.