Reflexion News

Reflexion Is Now a Sophos Company!

The acquisition will enable Sophos to add cloud-based email security to Sophos Cloud, the company’s single, unified cloud-based management console. Together, Reflexion and Sophos will deliver enterprise-grade email security in one affordable and simple-to-manage solution.

Why You Should Make Your Customers’ Compliance Your Business

Scott Barlow, vice president of sales at Reflexion Networks, believes IT solutions providers have a “major opportunity” in assisting clients to comply with state, federal, and worldwide regulations; he says, “regulations require the implementation of compliance-enabling technology coupled with user education and sound operating policies within an organization.”

POODLE Vulnerability

Reflexion has taken steps to mitigate the recently published POODLE vulnerability. The exploit allows for a man-in-the-middle-style attack that could compromise data intended to be sent securely.