Solution Providers

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Reflexion has developed a brandable cloud platform for the delivery of email security services, including:

  • Antispam and antivirus
  • Email archiving for eDiscovery, recovery and continuity
  • Email encryption for compliance and the protection of sensitive information (e.g. PII/PHI being sent out via plain-text email)

Reflexion Total Control (RTC) has been specifically designed to meet the needs of IT solution providers, managed services providers and ISPs, providing a fast and affordable path for getting into cloud services without any upfront investment. All services can be branded throughout with solution providers’ logos and messaging to reinforce their brands at all levels.

partnersPartnersFirst Program

Reflexion is sold exclusively through a global network of IT solution providers and MSPs. Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a Reflexion partner:

  • A brandable cloud platform for the rapid, on-demand configuration and management of your customers
  • Integration into the leading PSA and RMM solutions channel vendor ecosystem, including Autotask, ConnectWise, AVG Managed Workplace, LabTech, and CentraStage
  • 100% channel (Reflexion will NEVER compete with you, EVER!)
  • No setup charges, minimums or commitments — just a basic monthly subscription charge per user
  • High-quality, in-house technical support via phone, email and live chat — you’ll speak with someone who thoroughly understands the product
  • Compliance training to help transition your business from trusted IT advisor to a provider of compliance-supporting technology (virtual CIO)
  • Joint webinars leverage our expertise, providing educational opportunities for your customers and prospects

Feedback from Reflexion partners drives our product development. It makes no difference if a client wants allow lists, block lists, challenge-response, simple filtering, email archiving, email continuity, email encryption or any combination of services: Reflexion provides the platform to respond to their desires while delivering exceptional value to solution providers by lowering costs, increasing revenues, and improving operational efficiencies.

Partner Branding

Reflexion is fully brandable. Partners can put their logo in the Message Center, the welcome message for new users, the daily spam digest, and all other customer-facing messages to reinforce brand identity with clients and subscribers.


Reflexion’s data model supports the hierarchy of solution provider, administrator and user. Solution providers can use the Reflexion Message Center to rapidly provision new customers and users, diagnose email issues and manage their clients without Reflexion’s intervention.

Maximum Configurability

Reflexion is highly configurable, providing partners with the high degree of user control they need to respond to the widest range of client requirements.

MSP Platform Integration

Reflexion has been integrated with leading MSP platforms to provide more centralized infrastructure management and important email operating and hygiene statistics.

Email Spooling

Client email won’t be lost if their local email server fails or if the power goes out. Reflexion automatically queues incoming mail for 10 days and resumes delivery when the server returns to operation.

Available in Several Languages

Reflexion’s unique control panel is easily internationalized for new markets. Translation is generally accomplished in several hours for a solution provider that wants to serve clients in their national language. The control panel is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Bandwidth Savings

Reflexion’s “hard shell” perimeter defense defeats denial-of-service (DoS) and directory harvesting attacks (DHA) to protect bandwidth and deliver real cost savings.

Reduced Subscriber Churn

Reflexion enhances customer loyalty by empowering users with unique tools that restore a pristine inbox experience reminiscent of the pre-spam era.